Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne


For the Huttenfestival.ne “Bureau Detours” participated with the Fabriek te Kraat (Factory for occupancy). The factory was built in just three days with wooden pallets, where “Bureau Detours” taught us what is usually the life cycle of the factory plants in the areas were they are ubicated, this show took place in the last three days of Huttenfestival event.

By this symbolism the activities that happened in those three days were: Day 1: The factory is alive and produces furniture, 2nd day: The factory is empty and abandoned, perhaps if we put it in Eastern Europe or Asia it would rise … The factory will eventually be occupied by young artists who will see opportunities in the abandoned building and the 3rd day: The factory has been redesigned for new creative industries as the “Creative Class Café” smart people, chill-out music and the Dennis Design Center shows us new pieces of furniture design.

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne

We leave you with more symbolic pictures of this great event.

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_2

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_3

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_4

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_5

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_6

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_7

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_8

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_9

Factory built for the huttenfestival.ne_10

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