Henhouse built with pallet planks


This henhouse with such a good result has been by Cedric to our Facebook Fanpage. It’s not the first time that we have seen one in our blog, but it’s one of the best for its quality in its execution.

Henhouse built pallet planks 1

With the pallets excellent pieces of furniture can be created that can serve perfectly to decorate our house, but the pallets have always been very helpful in building sturdy wooden structures, especially in places like farms… stores… where aesthetics are not so important. It’s the case of this chicken coop with a cost almost of 0 that can be very useful in a farm or a small garden.

Henhouse built pallet planks 2

The henhouse is entirely built with pallets, the inner structure supporting the walls is made of wooden beams, then this structure has been covered with slats made with the pallets planks, overlaped between them when it rains the water will not enter inside the henhouse. The back wall has opening windows and in the front wall you can find a large door to get inside the coop.

Henhouse built pallet planks 3

Cedric thank you very much for sending us your creation, we must congratulate you, certainly is not easy to build a chicken coop with these dimensions. Congratulations!

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden? Do you want to look for more pallet houses?