Houses made of recycled wooden pallets


With wooden pallets you can do incredible things. There’s people that makes pallet furniture, useful or decorative elements… but don’t forget that wooden pallets are made of wooden slats, and this boards can be able to build any crazy thing, even if it’s very big. So with a lot of time and dismantelling enough pallets to get these boards we can build anything we want.

The best example of this is the picture that you can see above, where different people have made profit of this recycled pallets and have build houses!

Recycled wood from different sources, including demolished structures, can add character and even history to a new home, if used as an accent among more modern materials or as the main construction element, such as the “Treehouse of Hyeres” that you can see at the left f the picture, it was made of wood and found objects, of course these include recycled wooden pallets.


The remaining photos show us a similar effect, of how the reclaimed wood can give a special rustic touch to a home. In the top right photo wooden pallets are used to coat the roof and the little wall, whatch here more examples of this, and in the photo below pallet boards have a structural function, they are located between the steel beams conceiving the floor of the house. In all of the cases, new and modern materials such as concrete or steel work closely with the recycled pallets without clashing in the final result.

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