How to raise a house to make a new floor?


This impressed me specially and I thought I should share it with you, I don’t really know what was the objective of the use of these wooden pallets… it’s clear that they intended to raise the house yes, but why?! I’ve been digging for this on the internet but I haven’t found the solution. So I’ve come to my own conclusion, I guess they have risen it gradually and the pallets have been placed below so then they can sustain the house in a higher position, perhaps to transport it, or perhaps to create a new floor underneath. If this is to transport it, I think that perhaps they have raised it too much, as to place the trailer of a truck you don’t need the house to be so high, think that it’s about 9 feet hight! on the other hand the fact of creating a floor underneath is very strange… but the idea fits with the height that they have raised it… I definitely take the last option, and you? in any case as you can see, there’s anything that wooden pallets couldn’t do.

How to raise a house to make a new flat

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