Incredible playhouse made with pallets!


This amazing playhouse has been completely built using wooden pallets, further deconstructing many pallets, getting the wooden planks, and building from 0 each of the elements that you can see in the picture, without getting the wood at any distributor, and therefore with cost 0 for its creator.

A carpentry work very hard to do, which sure has taken a lot of time to the builder, but with a great result that leaves everyone impressed. Surely the dream of every child and the best toy he might have in the garden A full house to himself!

Incredible playhouse made with pallets!

The wooden house is 2 stories high, but 2 stories for children so it has the conventional height of a single floor house. On the ground floor there is a small porch that is covered by the upper terrace with some small banks and the corresponding fence, as it was a conventional house. The top floor is accessed by an outside staircase made of wood, which leads to the well enclosed terrace, there you’ll find the access door to the house and its windows.

Amazing pallets woodwork perfect for the children, to spend hours and hours in the garden playing, a great challenge to build with your pallets that definitely worths it if you don’t die trying to 🙂

Do you like this pallet house for the garden?