Little villa built with pallets


This house has been designed to be built with pallets, with the aim of providing affordable housing to the people, recycling obsolete items as the wooden pallets.

The video shows us the house structure built using pallets, while the exterior has also been coated using wooden planks. The inside however once it has been adapted, hardly we can appreciate what’s the constructive nature of the house.


With a very simple and suitable construction system designed for everyone, the ground floor contains the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom of the house, while in the attic, accessible by stairs, we can find the bedroom.

The structure of the house, as they explain, can be constructed in just one week with the help of 3 people, so the costs of both construction and materials can be practically 0. Our only investment will be in doors, windows, isolation and interior finishes.


I leave you now with the video.

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