Palettenpavillon, architectural project pavilion


Today from DIY Pallet Furniture we want to present you the Palettenpavillon, it’s a project by Matthias Loebermann, a structure made ​​by wooden pallets with concrete foundations. It is designed with the idea of ​​being easy to assemble and disassemble. Obviously this is not a house, it’s a pavilion, a structure with an architectural interest, not suitable for occupancy but very inspiring.



The architect quote: “Wooden pallets are characterized by a complex geometry parts between an open and a closed surface”, the stage composition, stacking the wooden pallets and causing an “interesting netlike structure” also the curved shapes transform it in a cave as you can see in the photos.


It is very common for architecture students to make small projects based on recycled materials, this is the same case but in a larger size.


The night vision of the house, lighten lit inside also transmits special feelings.


Jonathan Glancey quote about this construction: “a shrine to the humble wooden pallets.”


A few days ago, hundreds of these pallets were stacked with fruits and vegetables used in the Covent Garden market. Economic, tough and adaptable, Architecturally they have a clean and singular. Being more a sculpture than a house this project can be very inspiring if we don’t know what to do with our recycled wooden pallets, could you build an habitable house following a similar method?

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