Pallet shed project for the garden


This is the pallet shed that Andrea has built, an incredible creation that has required a lot of hours and great sacrifices, but certainly the result is excellent and very professional, a fantastic piece for her garden.

Pallet shed project for the garden 1

Andrea needed an extra space in her garden that was protected from the weather, so he thought of placing one of these little wooden sheds that are sold in the gardening stores. Finally she decided to take the idea out, but surprisingly she ventured to build it with her own hands, using the wooden pallet. At a first glance it might have seem crazy to attempt such a project, but after taking a look to the photos that come with this post, To build your own pallet shed is possible and the result can be really good.

 Pallet shed project for the garden 2

Virtually all the elements of the shed are made with pallets, for example the floor of both the porch and the interior is made with whole pallets, the walls are also made 100% with pallets, its structure and its exterior is coated using pallet planks, and finally the roof covering is made from recycled tin cans, unbelievable but true! A great example of green building.

I imagine that you wish to explore in more detail how this cabin has been built, so next I’m going to explain you all these steps.

1.The floor of the pallet shed.

2.The walls of the pallet shed.

3.The doors and the windows.

4.The pallet coating.

5.The roof of the pallet shed.