Pallet shed project: The pallet coating


Again we are going to talk about the Andrea’s pallet shed project, once we have created the structure the next step will be to create the pallet coating. We Don’t expect that the shed looks like a new purchased one, after all we are doing it with recycled pallets as best as we can, but the coating with wooden planks made with love will improve the final look a lot, so this step is vital.

Pallet shed porject The pallet coating 1

Well to do this step we are going to need all the wooden planks that we can obtain, so we must extract first some from a few pallets, and if it’s possible these boards have to be as regular as possible, this will make our future work easier.

We will place on the walls the planks nailing them with a hammer one by one. Probably you are not going to live in this cabin so the result does not have to be perfect. We will cut the planks where it’s necessary to cover all the exterior surfaces without exception.

Pallet shed porject The pallet coating 2

It’s as easy as just nail all this planks, if you have enough energy you can also coat the interior walls, but that obviously will take you twice the time. If you wish to obtain an excellent finish you can also sand and varnis all the planks, in fact this is highly recommended.

Pallet shed porject The pallet coating 3

Perfect, now it’s time to make the roof.

 1.Pallet shed project for the garden

2.The floor of the pallet shed.

3.The walls of the pallet shed.

4.The doors and the windows.

5.The pallet coating.

6.The roof of the pallet shed.