Pallet shed project: the pallet floor


And continuing with Andrea’s project and her pallet shed, today we are going to speak about how she has built the shed floor, made of course exclusively using wooden pallets, and in this case whole pallets barely changed.

 Pallet shed project the pallet floor 1

As you can see in the picture six pallets has been used to create the floor of the shed, however they are not standard pallets, as Andrea names them they are super pallets, ready to withstand much greater weight than usual, stronger, better built and with a better quality wood. Obviously it’s not absolutely necessary to build the floor with this type of pallets, but certainly it will extend the life of the shed.

Before placing the pallets she has flattened the land as far as possible to level it and compress it enough, so then the floor will be as regular as possible.

Finally in the photos you cannot appreciate it, but once the roof of the cabin has been finished, over the pallets a plywood board will be added to make the floor more uniform and more convenient and comfortable.

Pallet shed project the pallet floor 2

Outside the cottage has also been created a porch using the pallets, but this time the employed pallets are more common and not so tough, because they don’t need to withstand the weight of the furniture or to be used continuously as the interior ones.

 1.Pallet shed project for the garden

2.The floor of the pallet shed.

3.The walls of the pallet shed.

4.The doors and the windows.

5.The pallet coating.

6.The roof of the pallet shed.