Pallet shed project: The pallet walls


We continue with Andrea’s pallet shed, and this time we explain its foray in making the walls of the shed. Certainly the construction is begining to get complicated as we have to support the walls and plan how to install the other future elements like: doors, windows and the roof. However don’t worry, the process is extremely affordable to execute.

Pallet shed project The pallet walls 1

The cabin will have a double pallet height, considering that the pallets are 1 meter long (3 feet), and you have to find a solution to drain quickly the rainwater of the roof. So we are going to give a slope to the roof, to let the water water escape from the back and don’t bother when we are entering and leaving the house. We are going to build the structure supporting the walls between them to keep it vertical, we can use metal brackets or nail wooden boards to connect them.

To make the tilt we have to cut the pallets by the defined line, obviously the back wall will have a much lower height. On the front wall we are going to place only a one pallet height, as we are going to leave a gap to later install the windows, also leave a space to place the door.

Pallet shed project The pallet walls 2

As you can see the overall structure of the shed is starting to take shape.

1.Pallet shed project for the garden

2.The floor of the pallet shed.

3.The walls of the pallet shed.

4.The doors and the windows.

5.The pallet coating.

6.The roof of the pallet shed.