Pallet shed project: The roof


And finally we reached the last step completing the shed made with pallets of Andrea. After coating the walls we have to finish the roof. Browsing on Pinterest Andrea found a good idea that was to make the roof with cans, well at least to cover it, it could seem a crazy idea considering the amount of work involved, but the result could be so good and faithful to the idea of recycling.

Pallet shed project The roof 1

Before placing the roof we had to create it, to build it we needed many cans, about 200, and one to one cut them so they can be flattened. To flatten the cans and turn them into tiles Andrea put heavy objects over them, and of course she cut all of them using gloves.

Pallet shed project The roof 3

The cans have to be placed on a flat surface, in this case a piece of plywood would be perfect. Before we must place a waterproof sheet, and over it nail the flattened cans, always overlapping the new tile over the one before, covering the roof like flakes to avoid future leaks.

The cans will eventually corrode and give a very rustic touch to the cabin, perfect for the pallets style, Andrea wanted to go ahead and paint them with a bronze color, as you can appreciate in the photo the result is quite good.

Pallet shed project The roof 2

And we have already built the roof, but how we attach it to the shed? This is where the pallets again come into play. It would be necessary to create a structure with the pallet planks placing it over the walls, they will work as beams crossing the shed and supporting the roof.

Pallet shed project The roof 4

Andrea fantastic project, you have obtained an amazing pallet shed!

1.Pallet shed project for the garden

2.The floor of the pallet shed.

3.The walls of the pallet shed.

4.The doors and the windows.

5.The pallet coating.

6.The roof of the pallet shed.