Pallet tree-house for our children


Today from DIY Pallet Furniture we present you the project that Mr. Raphael Vander Elst made for his children, this is the classic tree house, but this time built with wooden pallets. In the pictures below you can see how has been all the process of building the house.



Wooden pallets can be achieved in so many ways, either by recycling the pallets from any company that have forgotten them, or buying them in a store where they sell pallets, here you can see where you can buy them: Pallets for sale



Any house built requires an initial structure wich later will link all the walls, a tree house also needs it, although the structure is not as important a factor as in a conventional house, it’s important to fix firmly all the structure to avoid any danger, especially on the base of the house.



Irregular forms are not necessary, but they give to the house a special design that makes it much more attractive.





In the photos you can see how the building has needed a long time to finish its construction, the seasons go on as long they build it.



The result is quite good, allthough certainly it wouldn’t resist a strong rain, the design is really romantic and attractive, place in one of the trees in our garden. Another good example of what we can obtain using the wooden pallets.

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