Plans to construct a little house with recycled wooden pallets


Today we present you these architectural plans to create a small 10m2 house with recycled wooden pallets. As you can see the structure is designed to work with the pallets placed horizontally, this gives a great stability to the structural walls, but takes low profit of the little space available, and we require the use of more materials to make the house. However pallets have been cut in a half in order to make better use of the materials that we have.

It’s recomended the use of a concrete foundation to support the heavy structure. The cavities within the structure will be filled with polyurethane, this will have the function of insulating the home.

The roof structure has not been done with pallets because a matter of safety, we used a conventional wooden structure. The same criteria has been followed to build the lintels of the windows and the door.

The walls finally will be covered with sheets of plasterboard or wood, or what we consider, for a cleaner finish. The floor can also be done with wooden pallets but with a final coat, so we couldn’t see the pallet structure. The coating process can also be made ​​with wood coming from the same pallets as you can see in the following example:

Parquet flooring in Kex Hostel made of pallets


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