Play house for your children made of wooden pallets


This is a play house for your children, one of the most beautiful and complete play house I’ve seen done with wooden pallets. Just recently we showed you another playhouse also made ​​with pallets, but this one was for outdoor purposes, take a look here: Play house for your children made of wooden pallets

But we must recognize that although this house is not for outdoors or, it’s so well built, and it’s much more special and beautiful than the other one.

The original idea of the project was to make an area for the children, just to give them a space  to play and read, a French concept of creating a place just for kids.


Initially the project was raised to create a sofa and some chairs made with pallets for the children, so there they could read… then came the idea that you can now see in the pictures, why not make a cabin?

This new perspective gave artists new ways to create an original space for their children, such as indoor sofa, a whiteboard, and even a small terrace.

this is the result of the first cabin-library! originally made only for the use of the family who built it, but after all the success that it had, some schools and other families asked the family carpenter to build new ones for them.



 kids_play_house_made_of_pallets_5 kids_play_house_made_of_pallets_4

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