Shelter built with recycled wood


Pay attention to this shelter made of recycled wood, Laurent sent it to our Facebook page, you already know that if you have interesting projects made with pallets you always can send them with a description and some pictures to our Facebook, and we’ll post it as soon as we can.

The shelter that Laurent has sent to us has the following dimensions: 2.2m long (7.2 feet) x 1.1m wide (3.6 feet) x 1.6m hight (5.3 feet) and is has been built primarily with recycled pallets, wooden planks of recovered origin and roof sheets.

Thanks to the recovered planks the basic structure of the shelter has been constructed, both the pillars and the beams supporting the roof; pallets have been used to cover the perimeter, like they were walls they have been placed between the structure pillars, some of the pallets are filled with more planks in order to improve the wind isolation; Finally the roof is built using prefabricated roof sheets, specifically designed for this function which usually are sold in DIY stores, they must be perfectly fastened to the wooden beams, if not a strong wind could accidentally remove them.

Shelter built with recycled wood

It is a cottage with a very simple design, obviously its design is purely functional and there hasn’t been any concern for it. The cabin was created just with the idea of protecting its inhabitants from the wind, the sun and the rain if the situation requires it.

This is a good solution created in a simple, quick and inexpensive way to get us out of any trouble if we are in need it, without barely have to do any investment. One of the typical solutions made with pallets that we can find on farms or workshops, where the design and finishes are not as important and the resources are less.

Thank you for submitting this cabin idea Laurent and good luck with your future projects!

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