Silent Haven, a house made ​​of trash


In Devon , England, we can find Silen Haven, a house made ​​of trash from here and there. it took Matthew Lepley 5 years to build this house using old tires and recycled wooden pallets and boxes, but the most surprising of all is that he didn’t use power tools to make it! The house also has a composting WC unit and an root cellar instead of a refrigerator.

The problem is that the house does not have a planning permission because it was not requested years ago, so it’s an illegal construction that the city-hall wants to demolish. It’s a shame because the initiative to make a house with recycled pallets it’s very interesting .

Silent Haven, a house made ​​of trash

Matthew believes that what he has done is not illegal but is considered like that, from here we want to transmit all our support to Matthew. Maybe we should learn from countries like Sweden, where it is possible to build friggebods. The friggebods are small houses of 14m2 (150 square feet) that can be built without planning permission. It is a popular symbol of liberalism in the movement of the tiny houses.

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