Slumtube pallet house in South Africa


Andreas Claus Schnetzer and Gregor Pils have been working and designing pallet housing projects for several years, getting great recognition and acceptance in the construction with pallets. His last major project is the “Slumtube pallet house”, a house made with pallets and other local materials, perfectly insulated to withstand the different temperatures of Johannesburg, Which can range from -2 to 45°C according to the season in which we are.

Slumtube pallet house in South Africa 1

One of the keys of this house, besides its low cost construction, is the fact of being perfectly insulated for the extreme temperatures, since normally the homes in the area are not prepared for these large temperature fluctuations.

Slumtube pallet house in South Africa 2

Thanks to the experience that managed to get Schnetzer and Gregor executing their first projects of houses using wooden pallets, they have come to design this house with a semi-cylindrical shape that works perfectly, where also other elements have been used to build it like recovered wooden formworks, straw and clay.

Slumtube pallet house in South Africa 3

The house was built in just three months with the help of 8 people, and its first use was as a hosting center, where European students who volunteered as community educators stayed.

   Slumtube pallet house in South Africa 4

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