Small cottage for the garden made ​​with pallets


Albert has built a small cabin for his garden, where you can meditate, practice yoga or relax yourself, anyway you can also adapt it for your children to use it as a playhouse, so the possibilities are many.

The concept is well thought out, the structure is made ​​of pallets in a very simple way, and then it has been coated using brushwood, which gives it a more than a worthy finish, so the work employed building it ends up being the minimum 🙂

Small cottage for the garden made ​​with pallets

The tools and materials used are: 6 pallets, one hammer, sandpaper, screws, nails and metal brackets, varnish, brushwood 5m (17 feet).

Small cottage for the garden made ​​with pallets 1

First we have to sand the pallets to start working with them.

Look for a good place to locate the cabin, then to start you just have to put a pallet as a base to build the floor, and then attach some metal brackets to it to fix the side walls, both made with 2 pallets.

 Small cottage for the garden made ​​with pallets 2

Small cottage for the garden made ​​with pallets 3

Then end it closing the structure of the cabin, add a rear pallet and fix it like the other 2 walls, and then set some pallet planks over de walls, using some nails to stabilize all the structure. Over the ground place a wooden board to make it more comfortable. It’s a good time now to start varnishing or painting the cabin.

Small cottage for the garden made ​​with pallets 4

 Small cottage for the garden made ​​with pallets 5

Other details that Albert has added to the cottage is a small porch and an outside seat, also made with 2 whole pallets. The wooden blocks from the porch have been located over the roof, just to give later some curve to the brushwood.

 Small cottage for the garden made ​​with pallets

Finally just cover the walls and the roof with the brushwood, if you don’t want to get wet when it rains you can add a plastic sheet between the pallets structure and the brushwood. Other aspects that will add a special touch to the cabin are: some curtains working as a ​​door, cushions for the outdoor seating, and torches at the entrance. Be careful and don’t put the torches to close to the brushwood! if not a “little” accident can occur.

Thanks Albert we love your cabin 🙂

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