The Navajo House in Colorado build for people with no resources


The Navajo House in Colorado is a house built partially using wooden pallets. Each year the association DesignBuildBluff in collaboration with the University of Utah, brings together a group of architecture students of about 10 people, to design and build a house for a Navajo family. The conditions for this home include that must be handmade by the students, it hasn’t to be connected to any services and the total budget must not exceed $ 30,000.

The Navajo House of Colorado 1

That’s how Rosie Joes’s House was born, or the Navajo House, a structure made of adobe and wooden pallets. The walls are the ones which are made of adobe, and the pallets have been used to build the ceiling and other wooden elements. The foundations were made of concrete, and it was really difficult to perform all these tasks without having any electrical connection.

The Navajo House of Colorado 2

All the pallets used are from recycled origin, recovered from supermarkets and warehouses to minimize the costs of the construction work. These pallets are insulated with polystyrene to make the house habitable when the temperatures are extreme, however over this pallet ceiling, a roof has been placed to protect the house from the sun and also collect rainwater.

The house also has a system of solar panels to provide electricity to the appliances and lights.

The Navajo House of Colorado 3

The Navajo House of Colorado 4

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