Carpenter’s workshop and box built with pallets


José Rafael has sent us these two interesting projects practically using only wooden pallets. The first one is a workshop for the garden, where you can see that both the walls and part of the roof have been built using with pallet planks.

Workshop and box built with pallets 1

To make the walls whole pallets have been used vertically, which also have been covered with wooden planks from dismantled pallets. The planks have been placed as Venetian blinds to prevent the water from the side rains to get inside the workshop.

 Workshop and box built with pallets 2

A huge project where José has invested a lot of hours, and that will be very useful to continue creating his pallet projects inside, like this box that you see below.

 Workshop and box built with pallets 3

It looks like a typical fruit box used in the fruit trees fields, but the truth is that this box was built using pallet planks. The box is perfectly ventilated by its sides, since its function is to store the potatoes bags in the kitchen, at the bottom 4 wheels were added to make it fully mobile, very useful considering what it can weigh a lot when it’s full.

   Workshop and box built with pallets 4

Do you like this pallet furniture for your patio? Do you want to look for more pallet houses?