A wall planter made with one pallet and some boards


Ben has again surprised us with another of his pallet furniture projects, this time it’s a planter to hang on a wall, easy to make but very colorful and decorative, ideal for placing it outside, on a sad wall of your house. In this planter you can plant the plants that you desire, but it can also be a good idea to plant some herbs for cooking, such as oregano, rosemary, parsley etc.

A wall planter made with one pallet and some boards 2

To do this planter you are going to need an entire pallet, a lever, sandpaper, a saw, nails, wooden glue, screws, a hammer, a screwdriver, a sheet of PVC, a cutter, a pencil, metal brackets, a chain, pliers, 2 small metal buckets, potting soil and various plants.

As you can see the idea is to take profit of the top of the pallet, where we’ll make the planters, so the first step is to extract the planks and the rear pallet wooden blocks with the help of the lever. Then we’ll disinfect all the wood since in this case the pallet is recycled, so clean up and all the surfaces and sand them.

A wall planter made with one pallet and some boards 1

To make the front planters, we just have to cut a few planks taking advantage os the obtained planks from the original pallet. Cut them with the appropriate measures and fix them with wooden glue and some nails to the pallet, as we have done in the picture, forming 2 horizontal boxes.

With the metal brackets, the chain and the buckets (which are from Ikea) do the hanging side planters, just screw the metal brackets, and cut and fix the chain and the buckets.

A good option is to add some decorative motifs, we have added to the necessary materials a PVC sheet, a pencil and a cutter; this is to the create the upper letters “Little Garden” We just have to draw on the PVC sheet these letters and then cut them using the cutter, then glue the letters to the pallet. Ben is a graphic artist and has also printed some words on the wood, using a template and white paint, at the end the final decoration is completely up to you.

Next add the potting soil and plant the plants in the buckets and the planters. And finally we can set the pallet planter on the any wall.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet planters?