Basic Planter made with pallets


Sebastien send us an easy way to decorate a terrace or garden with just a few tables pallets, always if you have a few plants with not very nice pots, to build a planter for them may be a more appropriate option.

Basic Planter made with pallets 1

It’s as simple as dismantling a few pallets to obtain some wooden planks, if they are aged the furniture will have a more rustic feel, and if they are new the result will be more clean, in any case I always recommend cleaning and sanding all the faces of the planks, even slightly bevel the edges of all of them to obtain a finer finish free of splinters.

With the wooden planks already in our hands, we will design a drawer as the one on the images and we will have to cut and join them together, the nails of course are a good choice, as you can see this planter is extremely easy to build following these simple steps.

Basic Planter made with pallets 2

Finally, you only will have to place the pots with their plants into it, it’s not necessary to fill the planter with soil and also you’ll enlarge the life of the planter wood.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden? Do you want to look for more pallet planters?