Build a Planter with pallets


Is there anything better than creating your own DIY pallet furniture planter to plant tulips and vegetables?! Start to make one FREE!

Above you can see a picture of one made with wooden pallets, and I’ll teach you how can make one yourself:

The major problem that that tou will find working with the wooden pallets is when you have to deconstruct. They are usually full of nails, nailed very deeply, and sometimes the thin wooden boards break out. There is a solution for this, and it’s to use a circular saw to cut the nails, this can make the way easier to deconstruct them, or just leave the rest of the nail hidden. The other way is to nail them even more with a hammer, so then it will be diifcult to see them, it’s not the cleanest option but nobody would appreciate that there is a nail. By the way you can consult this page where we explain how to deconstruct the pallets.



Building the planter takes about three hours …

You will have to create a previous frameworks that will define the surfaces of the planter, you have to create the base, 2 large sides and 2 small sides, the 4 of them with the same height. Each with its own framework that will define the dimensions of the boards inside. You don’t need nails! yo can use only wood glue, however it’s up to you how you join them.

Once you have made the frames you just have to cut the boards to fit within them, and create the different surfaces. later you will have to put all the frames together to build a box, you can still use the glue, nails or some metal brackets if you want to imporve the stability of the planter.

Finally you just have to fill it with soil and plan your plants! I have to remark that if you don’t varnish the wood the sumidity of the soil will rot the planter, so it’s better to give it at least 3 layers of varnish. Another solution is to not fill the planter with soil, and put inside it some little plastic planters whith the plants, so then the wood would’nt be in contact with the soil.

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