Building a vertical garden with a planter made of a pallet


First, do not forget that the pallets can be as perfect as the people are, ie pallets can be used to decorate the garden without too much art, building and sweating a bit but never expecting perfect results. An easy method of gardening is a planter made ​​of pallets, putting the pallet vertical. You only should staple a geotextile fabric that allows the pass of the water, fill with soil those spaces created with the fabric, and then plant whatever you want … plants, flowers, vegetables …


With the pallets you also can make planters like square boxes, you just have to cut off the top (grid) of the palet, in four equal tables. These will be the sides. Hold the boards with glue, nails or screws. If there’s space left between the slats, you may also want to place a geotextile in the same way as in the previous project, or fill these space with more boards. Now you just have to fill the box with soil and plant the plants.

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