Café in Melbourne made ​​with pallets


This is the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2013, where they have built this cafe. The cafe built using pallet furniture seeks to play with the constumer, creating a special landscape in an urban and friendly environment. The inspiration comes from the architecture firm HASSELL, and creates a forest of trees using pallets as planters. Marine containers, wooden pallets and packing cases explain the journey that makes the coffee since it growns until it reaches our homes. The idea is to inspire the consumer with the exotic origin of the coffee, inspire him through the use of these materials that are so close to their distribution process.




The architects have done several pieces of pallet furniture to introduce the customers into the desired environment and transmit them the message. The only way to introduce the idea was performing pallet furniture: planters and stands close all together to give a joint space between trees, plants and customers.


For the temporary festival were used 1500 pallets and 2000 tropical plants, all this furniture will be returned and recycled after the festival.


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