Build a little pallet garden for your terrace or patio


Do you have some pallets? Do you hate pulling weeds? Yo you don’t think it’s a good idea to destroy a part of your garden grass? Use a pallet as a garden for your plants, put a mesh to avoid the weed on the back of the pallet, fill it with potting soil and plant the seeds of the vegetables that you want to grow in the spaces left between the boards.

You can also put the pallet somewhere in the garden where there’s soil, rocks or concrete, so then you wouldn’t need to place a mesh below the pallet to avoid growing the weeds or the grass. It’s a good way to make a little garden, we can also build it on the terrace of our apartment in the city if we want to have an urban garden, plus if we put the mesh stapled as a coat under the wooden pallet, the result would be very clean, as no soil will mess the floor of our terrace.


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