Make an organic garden with your pallets


Are you tired of having no control over the vegetables that you eat? Would you like to grow your own vegetables and significantly improve your life and food quality? The wooden pallets can help you create your little organic garden, delimiting and organizing the space destined for the vegetable patch, making your garden still seem that, a garden and not a farm!

Make an organic garden with your pallets 1

Make an organic garden with your pallets 2

You can use the pallets into 2 ways to grow your vegetables. You can place them in the ground and use their interior to plant the vegetables. So you only have to fill it with topsoil and plant the seeds that you may need, always following the recommendations from the seeds supplier, like the planting distance, the necessary fertilizer or the most appropriate irrigation. Thanks to this system the weed will be much better controlled, and it even can be used as an urban garden on a terrace or a patio of your apartment.

Make an organic garden with your pallets 3

The other option to create this vegetable garden is to use the pallet planks, building large planters with them as you can appreciate in the picture. You only  have to disassemble and create a rectangle with them, then fill it with the proper potting soil, and planting the needed seeds. This system offers much more space for planting than the other one, however the growing process is less controlled.

Make an organic garden with your pallets 4

Another good way to improve your pallet garden is adding a drip irrigation system, you can buy everything that you need in a garden shop or a DIY store; a programmer, a drip tube and a water intake are the only thinks that you are going to need. With this system you will reduce the maintenance of your garden and also safe some water consumption, you only have to schedule the irrigation following the recommendations of the seeds distributor. Remember also that every garden should have enough hours of sunshine per day.

Make an organic garden with your pallets 5

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