Pallet Planter with a breathtaking design


It is not necessary to spend big amounts of money to have a beautiful planter design, sometimes with just a little of imagination, or even with just this blog entry! because today I propose you this fantastic idea that allows you to have a very original pallet furniture design.

As you can see in the picture this planter design is not going to pass unnoticed, so those that want a more simple garden design will have to discard this idea, as this planter will attract all the eyes.

Pallet Planter with a breathtaking design

The basis of the design is to use the same material of the same dimensions repeatedly in order to create the design that you want , as you would do with a brick. We continuously work with the same geometric shape all linked together to create a planter. We don’t need to follow exclusively the proposed design shown at the beginning of this post , here we show some other DIY pallet furniture designs which vary slightly from the initial one:

Pallet Planter with a breathtaking design2

Pallet Planter with a breathtaking design3

Pallet Planter with a breathtaking design4

As you can see the mechanical parts and the different geometric overlays can be treated as you wish to get the finish that you like. The general conception of it is to create a kind of wooden bag that collects the soil and the plants as a planter, working like the petals of a flower. Also you can create several different designs and mix them in your garden, giant flowers containing plants, opened or closed emulating the real flowers .

In order to create this planter you will have to deconstruct the needed pallets to obtain the wooden slats, here you can see how to do it, preferably all these pallets must be of the same type or design, avoid the slats to have different sizes , this is important as otherwise the work can get very hard.

Once we have all the slats and they have been cleaned, we’ll cut them all with the same dimensions into smaller pieces, remember that these parts will configure the entire structure, it is important that all of them are of the same sizes and not very long. If you cut them into very small pieces later join them all together will be very difficult but it will give you more flexibility to set up the planter.

Finally we will create with them several lines, using the little boards one above the other joining them with a single nail, so then we will be able to turn the slats between them to create the desired shape for the pallet planter. Each line will be placed above the previous one until we get the total width of the planter.

Also the entire structure should be mounted over a post, a wall, or simply left it on the ground. Another step that you must not forget is to put on the inside of the planter a geotextile fabric, non biodegradable, made of plastic, this is for containing perfectly the soil into the planter, if we don’t do that surely it’s going to fall out of the planter between the gaps of the wooden boards. Ah! and we must also varnish all the structure at least 2 times, the effect of moisture is very aggressive on the wood, and if we want it to don’t get rot we must take good care of it.

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