Planter with a wheelbarrow made ​​of pallets


This is an idea of, a Brazilian site where they make furniture with pallets and sell it, they are located at Sao Paulo and maybe it’s a little bit difficult to go go there to buy them something, however we can get in contact with them through their website and perhaps you could arrange something. Perhaps you’ve seen before this idea in some garden stores, It’s so typical to use a wheelbarrow as a planter, obviously not just any wheelbarrow can work since there are some really ugly, they normally should be made of wood and arranged for the occasion .

Planter with a wheelbarrow made ​​of pallets 2

Planter with a wheelbarrow made ​​of pallets

As I said normally they are sold in garden stores, but can also do it yourself with a little idea and DIY abilities.

 Planter with a wheelbarrow made ​​of pallets 3

Basically it consists in deconstructing a wooden pallet until we obtain all the boards, then we have to cut them with a similar dimensions that the ones that you can see in the picture in order to build a small box. The box is then placed over two long wooden beams, also obtained from the structure of the pallet, in one end is placed a wheel, which can roll or not, it’s a decorative object so is not very important that that the wheel rolls well; and at the other side it has a small support made also of wooden boards to tilt the wheel barrow.

Finally, we have placed some plants inside with their respective pots to avoid the potting soil to enter in contact with the wood, and so preserve it much more better, the result anyway is the same as the walls of the box prevent that we can see inside the pots inside the wheelbarrow.

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