Planters improvised with fruit boxes


A great resource to decorate the entrance of your store or your garden, is to use a reused wooden box to collect fruit like a planter. You only will have to place the fruit boxes in the place that pleases you most and put inside a pot with its respective plant.

Planters improvised with fruit boxes 1

The fruit boxes are ideal as planters, they already have the perfect shape to place inside a plant without having to adapt them, and indeed, you even don’t have to restore them, as their aged look is already very aesthetic in itself. Its size is more than adequate to fit almost any plant, and if you need to have a greater height, you can simply place a box on top of the other.

Planters improvised with fruit boxes 2

Another positive note is that these fruit boxes allow the drainage of the pots very well, since the wood is not completely sealed and has several holes where the water can flow easily, this is something to consider and that will allow the plant to not drown when you water it, and have a life as long-lived as possible.

Planters improvised with fruit boxes 3

You can also add other accessories like in the picture above, a wicker basket where to place some dry plants will be great and will not require any maintenance.

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