Stair planters for your garden decoration


This is a very original decorative element for your garden. Instead of being the typical boxes that we put against the wall, in this case we wanted to build a planter with a stair design, using wooden pallets as the main element of the construction.

The construction is not very complicated. First we have to make several drawers with the wooden slats of the pallets, here we show you how to deconstruct the pallets so you can use those wooden boards. The drawers doesn’t have to have a base if you don’t mind to fill all the structure with soil, just a perimeter made ​​with wooden tables is enough, however if you don’t want to waste so much soil and not fill all the stairs, putting a wooden base in each drawer will be a good solution, and you’ll be able to move all the pallet planter if you want in the future.

The idea is to build each time a smaller crate which be holded onto the previous one, like if they were a stair, where the steps will be filled with plants. The result is excellent and it’s a very original idea of garden decoration.

Stair planters for your garden decor

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