Urban Decor using pallet planters


Lately I cannot stop seeing at Barcelona many shops decorated with pallets, most of them are bars and restaurants that use the pallets as tables, chairs, lamps… I’ve even seen whole bars decorated using only pallets! Although what I usually see more are pallet planters, probably because they are located on the facades of the buildings and are very easy to be seen, and they are not very complicated to build. This is the case of these two planters that I found in a flower shop.

Urban Decor using pallet planters 1

I really love the initiative , it’s a very simple way to decorate our streets, it brings a bit of green and wood to the gray and dreary atmosphere of the cities, and also in this actual case is more than adequate, since the shop where are located these planters is a flower shop, notwithstanding also I have seen these kind of planters in the doorways of the homes, just to decorate the entrance to the buildings 🙂

Urban Decor using pallet planters 2

As I said they are very easy to build, we just have to adapt the interior of a pallet to make it able to contain soil, or if it’s big enough to put into it pots. Next is advisable to laminate the pallet inside and waterproof it, this is to don’t let the moisture eat the pallets wood. Once it’s completely waterproof you can fill in the gaps with potting soil and plant your plants, but don’t forget to varnish the wood before!

In any case if you want to see a step by step guide of how to do it with images, you can visit the following link.

  Urban Decor using pallet planters 3

In conclusion, if you want to decorate the entrance portal of your home, or you have an urban shop and you desire to dress it up, and draw the attention of your potential customers, I think this is a good idea to follow.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the patio? Do you want to look for more pallet planters?