Vertical garden design built using pallet planks


We have seen in many times how to make a vertical garden using the pallets, always in an easy way, just putting whole pallets and filling their holes with plants. Today’s proposal still drinks from the same source of inspiration, joining the green and the wood to create an original and special space of design, but this time we are going to complicate it a little bit more, and it’s not going to be as easy as filling a pallet with some plants, this time we are going to build a planter using multiple pallet planks.

Vertical garden design built using pallets 1

It’s about creating a mural, a mural where the creativity is expressed by how we place the boards, and what plants we choose. First we must purchase a large wooden panel with the dimensions that we are going to give to the planter, and then gradually add all the disassembled wooden pieces from the pallets of different sizes, joining them as if it was a puzzle. All these planks can be placed screwed or glued, as you wish.

Once we have assembled this mural it will be the time to create the little planters, like we have placed the planks, we have to build small wooden boxes of different sizes and depths, always with idea and not following a uniform pattern, this is important because the irregularity is the grace of this planter.

 Vertical garden design built using pallets 2

Finally it’s time to add topsoil and the plants. I recommend mixing different species following the irregularity of the furniture design, you can put plants with hanging branches and leaves, it will give much more style to the furniture; or if you don’t want to have so many maintenance problems,  plant succulents plants and cacti. Remember that the inside of the boxes should be coated with plastic and waterproofed, if not the wood will get deteriorated easily.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the garden? Do you want to look for more pallet planters?