Vertical garden made with pallets


I found this idea at the restaurant Ivan in Platja de Aro, Barcelona. The concept is to create a vertical garden with a wooden pallet. This restaurant has used several vertical gardens to decorate the walls, it’s a good idea because as you can see the end is quite good and very inexpensive. However for these vertical gardens they used plastic plants, the typical ones that you can find at any IKEA.

Vertical garden made with pallets6

Vertical garden made with pallets2

Vertical garden made with pallets

In this case they have opted for a more rustic decor, the pallets have been left with its natural color and combined with the green plants. If you want to give more joy to your walls you can also paint them with bright colors and add plants with flowers, or also use dried flower arrangements .

Vertical garden made with pallets3

Vertical garden made with pallets4

These plants are made of plastic but you can put real ones, when you water them be careful to not wet the wood, consider that it’s not protected, so please try to not wet the pallet because otherwise the wood will get dark over time. you can also ad an irrigation system, but I don’t recommend it because surelly all the pallets and the floor will get soaked pallets.

Vertical garden made with pallets5

To place the plants you just have to fit the plastic pots inside the pallets, if you get right with the measure it would be much easier since you will have just to introduce it. In this case the pot was a little smaller so they had to fix it with the pallet with black silicone.

Vertical garden made with pallets7

Do you see how nice are now the walls of the bar?

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