Vertical support for planters with pallets


With barely changing a couple of pallets we can obtain a very decorative planter, well actually this furniture is not a planter, but it’s a perfect stand where to hang our pots.

 Vertical support for planters with pallets 1

The simplicity of the cabinet is that only 2 pallets have been used to build it, and hardly only one has been modified. The vertical pallet is a completely whole pallet, and the one of the base has been cut in a half to take up less space and still be able to maintain the stability of the support. To fix both pallets is advisable to use metal brackets and screws, the pots hanged after can be so heavy, and firmly fix the pallets between them will prevent that the structure collapses.

 Vertical support for planters with pallets 2

The pots that were hung up can be bought at any garden store, they are the typical ones prepared to hang from the ceiling, and in this case we only just hang the pots on the pallet as if it were a hanger. It is a very simple and practical way to decorate an outdoor space with barely invest effort into it.

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