A vertical shelf with only two pallet planks.


Would like to build a vertical shelf for your vases, books, magazines… very minimal? it’s a very simple project and you only will need the following materials and tools: a pallet, a handsaw, paint, varnish.

As you can see in the photograph it’s a shelf built only with two pallet planks. The structure was made extracting the two boards of a pallet cutting them with hand saw. You can see that the shelf has a small base where the vase rests, it’s a plank that is nailed to  the other one creating an “L”.

A vertical rack with only two tables planks.

We had in our house a knob of an old piece of furniture, so we have fixed it with some screws to give to the shelf a more vintage feel.

Then we have applied a layer of very dilute white paint and a coat of varnish to beautify the wood.

Finally, we have set the shelf to the wall. To finish decorating it, we have added a vase with the same style of the furniture and a few flowers. Even the flowers have the same tones like the rest of the elements.

Simple and decorative.

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