Bar shelf with just one pallet


Flo sends us this interesting pallet furniture, based on the wine racks that we’ve seen several times, in this case the use of the furniture varies slightly and gives us a very interesting little modification…

Bar shelf with just one pallet 1

Basically as we mentioned this is a classic shelf to place our bottles, made from just one pallet, we only have to cut the end of one for building the structure of the shelf. The modification that makes it special compared to others, is that to close the bottom and to place the bottles inside, instead of putting under it a plank, another piece of the pallet has been cut a placed there. This new piece gives us the plus to place wine cups and glasses on it, on one side we can simply put the glasses inside, and on the other the wine cups upside down can be placed into the cuts in the wood, as we are used to see in other bottleracks.

 Bar shelf with just one pallet 2

Ideal for use as a bar taking up almost no space, this shelf can help in decorating and organizing our home, and can be a perfect fit in our lounge or dining roo, also we only need a recycled pallet to build it.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the living room? Do you want to look for more pallet shelves?