Corner shelf made with pallet planks for the kitchen


Recently we saw a kitchen made entirely with pallets, you can retrieve the post at this link, today from EDP they complement this kitchen with a new piece of furniture, a corner shelf made with pallet planks.

Corner shelf made with pallet tables for the kitchen 1

Adapted to the 90 ° of the corner, the shelf is configured using several previously extracted planks, also cleaned and sanded. The different heights of these planks draw a pyramid where the highest point is the center of it, then two shelves has also been constructed using pallet planks, but giving it a curved shape to be more aesthetic. Under the shelves cross planks also serve as brackets to support the weight, the shelves also join the other planks from the furniture.

Corner shelf made with pallet tables for the kitchen 2

Place it in a kitchen corner or in your dinning room and fill it with cups and dishes.

Do you like this pallet shelves for the kitchen? Do you want to look for more pallet shelves?