Shelves with pallets


An easy way to do DIY furniture pallets is to do shelves with them.

When you watched the pallet pondering the endless possibilities, your mind probably landed somewhere near the impossible. With a little tweaking, the pallets are more less independent shelves, shelves that just need some creative structural reorganization.

First you have to cut the pallet to the height that you want for your shelf (use the side of the pallet with the major part of the boards as a backup). Now use a piece of scrap wood from the part of the palette that you’re noy using to install as the “bottom” of the shelf. Place books, plants, old Prince records or whatever you want on the shelf and… that’s it!


Do you want another easy way to decorate a wall? Collect the rests of the pallets that you have used, cut and decorate them as you wish, and use the wood to frame your favorite photographs. An economic super easy way to decor rustically a wall.

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