Hanging shelf made with pallets


If we need a very original shelf and we don’t have any space in the room this is a great idea! because it is a hanging shelf, we don’t need any space in the floor, it will just hung from the ceiling, so we can place it over a table or a bed without removing us any space in the room. Also if we put several hanging shelves we can build a continuous separation in a room space, creating an original and special decor.

Building it is very simple, but this time we will need more than just some recycled wooden pallets, we will also need some metal chains to hang the shelf as you can see in the picture above. We can put all the shelves that we want but remember to fix them very well, they could fall if the chains are not correctly anchored, especially if we put a lot of shelves and we fill them with too much weight, also it’s recommendable too anchor the chains to the ceil with a mechanical system and use some chemical resins. Think that if the shelves fall and they are over a bed they can do a lot of pain!

Hanging shelf made with pallets

If you want to know how to disassemble the pallets to obtain the boards make the shelves you can consult the following page:

How to dismantle the wooden pallets?

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