How to make a pallet magazine rack


I want to show you a project that I found very interesting for the DIY enthusiasts. This is a nice, modern magazine rack that is out of the conventional lines of those that you can find at the furniture shops.

For the construction of this furniture , we should start with a precise planning and an order. Where we are going to need materials such as pallets , nails or screws , paint or varnish , sandpaper , and some tools like screwdrivers , a hand saw or a hammer.

How to make a pallet magazine rack

 How to make a pallet magazine rack 3

It’s a fairly simple project , even for DIY beginners , however I will recommend you anyway to have a basic, clean and tidy space to work, where you can create and build elements without interferences.

We go into the action! First, we have chosen a pallet like the one on the picture, which has two slots and easies us all the work because it has the same wooden boards on both sides. The measures may depend on the available space that you have or whatever you want to modulate .

 How to make a pallet magazine rack 2

Then, with a hand saw we’ll cut the pallet where’s the slot, so then we’ll get what will be the base of the shelf. If you look at the picture you can see that is the end of the pallet .

To hold the magazines inside, we have to close the bottom with another board, this board can also be obtained from the same pallet. It is important to close it, if not we are going to lose the magazines through the hole !

Finally , to give it a summery touch facing the good weather, we opted for a light blue paint, and very cheerful color. Previously we have used the sandpaper. By the way, if you give it a more rural feel, you can also apply a varnish layer and keep the original color of the wood .

How to make a pallet magazine rack 4

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