Juvenile shelf made with pallets


Today I wanted to focus my attention on this shelf, the first time I saw it I was very shocked by its design, and I had in mind to dedicate a post to share it with all of you.

The shelving comes originally from a house somewhat quirky, a rustic home located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which has been completely restored. For its decoration many rustic elements and from recycled origin have been involved, is the case of these wooden pallets which comprise the table and the wall of the study room.

Juvenile shelf made with pallets

Explain its construction is quite simple, simply the entire pallets have been placed in the wall. Combining its two sides, those left with beams exposed can be used as shelves, however the others have a more decorative purpose or can be used to hang things…

To use the pallets as shelves we have to fix under the pallet beams some planks, if not the books that you see in the photos would be on the floor.

As I was commenting the result is very impressive, and trimmings can be draw using the geometry of the pallets. This type of decoration fits perfectly in youth bedrooms, offices, study rooms, workshops and lofts, like in the case of the picture.

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