Kitchen shelf for our pallet furniture


From DIY pallet furniture today we present this original kitchen shelf to put your cups, glasses and species.

Is made ​​from just a single pallet. The idea is to cut the pallet and left a piece between the two guides as shown in the picture. the next   step, we will take 3 boards from the other rests of the pallet, and we will put them into de piece of pallet as shelves. We will cut them and fit inside of the structure horizontally. As you can see on the bottom of the piece we have made some cuts in order to place the wine glasses hanging upside down, great idea right?! If they are wet when we place them, the position will facilitate the dry-out.


At this shelf we also have put out the central table that was against the wall, this isn’t necessary but visually seems that the shelves are divided.


 The next step is to put some nails in one of the tables, so we can hang our mugs. This step gives a very useful function to the furniture, as it makes better use of the space between the shelves, it also gives a touch of aesthetic grace to the shelf.

Finally do’nt forget to clean and varnish the furniture, so it will be more presentable, you can also paint it with the same colors of your kitchen. With just a thin paint layer it can also look good, as it will have a more rustic look when the wood will absorb part of the painting, is an excellent idea to to with light colors that gives very good results.



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