Kitchen shelf for the species with pallets


José Rafael sent us this little piece of furniture made with pallets, very useful for the kitchen is a shelf for our species, where also we can hung our tools for cooking having them within reach.

Kitchen shelf for the species with pallets 1

Deconstructing a pallet previously José has obtained a few wooden planks that have been used to build the shelf. You can appreciate that the planks have been joined nail to nail forming the structure that you see in the picture, 2 planks build the 2 shelves and 2 more close the sides, are all joined behind thanks to 4 more planks. Also 2 thin slats of wood have been added in front of the shelves to prevent the species from falling accidentally.

Kitchen shelf for the species with pallets 2

A very interesting extra are the hooks under the pallet shelves, very useful they can help us to have all the tools organized on the counter. Finally all the furniture has been painted in white, following the lines of the kitchen.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the kitchen? Do you want to look for more pallet shelves?