Kitchen spice shelf made ​​from a pallet


This project is from our friend Marc  from his blog. It’s a shelf to store spices made ​​with only a wooden pallet , Marc had the great idea recently to give it to a friend in a party called “the invisible friend ” with a little imagination and just a wooden pallet he built this great gift for Tania , as you can see he is very happy in the photo 🙂 Tania is a very disorganized girl so she will do a very good use of this present to get in order her kitchen : D

Kitchen spice shelf made ​​from a pallet

 Kitchen spice shelf made ​​from a pallet2

The concept itself is very simple, after you get a pallet you’ll have to dismantle it to get the boards, then you should clean and cut them to build the shelf , here I explain how to dismantle it.

With a saw and some screws you can make a shelf similar to the one on the photo, however you can also use a single board or just do another shelf design, like this one for example. The point in this furniture is how the jars are fixed under the shelf to store your spices.

 Kitchen spice shelf made ​​from a pallet3

To get hold the jars at the base of the shelf, you’ll have to drill 2 holes in the caps using a drill or punch as you see in the picture.

 Kitchen spice shelf made ​​from a pallet4

Later we’ll fix the caps with some screws. I recommend you to fix the caps with at least 2 screws, to don’t let rotate the cap when you take out the jar from it. It’s not recommended to glue the caps to the wood, they would’nt be well fixed and can eventually cause a little accident leaving the kitchen full of salt and pepper …

In the photos below you can see how the caps are attached with the screws and the jars are fixed to the shelf :

   Kitchen spice shelf made ​​from a pallet5

 Kitchen spice shelf made ​​from a pallet6

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