Outdoors shelf made from a recycled pallet


Fernando send us this simple shelf made with a single recycled pallet. It’s so simple to build, just turn around a pallet and use the pallet planks from the back as shelves. But how to do it? Well as you can see the pallet has 3 planks on its back, 2 must to be left as they are and the top one has to be removed and reattached a little down from it was, so it can then be converted into a shelf.

Outdoors shelf made from a recycled pallet

The work does not end here, under each of these 3 planks we have to set another one, so we can then place over them objects, these new planks can be obtained from a second pallet or simply recycled from any other DIY work that you’ve done previously. As I said this is not a very complicated piece of furniture to build, and therefore can be a good option to initiate yourself into the DIY world with recycled pallets.

Fernando used in this case the pallet as a shelf to place some plants, placing it outside, but obviously you can use it as you please more.

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