Rustic little shelves made of recycled wooden pallets


Today I will show you how to build some pallet shelves, they are relatively easy to do and also they offer a very good result as you can see in the photo, is a good  pallet furniture choice. Next you’ll see step by step how to build these pallet shelves. First to make your shelves with pallets you should get the following tools and materials, Not all the tools are necessary but they are going to make much easier your work.

Shelving with pallets

These are: 1 wooden pallet, a drill, Paint or varnish for the wood, one brush, some surplus of wood (optional), 1 saw, screws, sandpaper, 1 hammer, templates and spray paint (optional).

 Shelving with pallets_2

Shelving with pallets_3

First we’ll put the pallet on a plain surface and we’ll cut it with the saw as is shown in the photo. You now can see how are going to be  the shelves made with pallets.

 Shelving with pallets_4

Now that we already have the profile of the shelf, we need to make the base of this. You can use a wooden plank comming from the center of the pallet, so you still will have enough wood to make another shelf with the other side of the pallet (if you want we explain you here how to deconstruct a pallet), or you can use any scrap wood that you already have, think that it will be only to use as the bottom of the shelf and it hardly could be seen. Screw to fix the base some screws or nails, if the board is to big by the sides you always can cut it to fit on with the shelf.

Repeat the same process with the other side of the pallet so you’ll obtain 2 pallet shelves.

 Shelving with pallets_5

Now that we have made the 2 pallet shelves, we’ll use some sandpaper to give them a better end. Sand them more or less depending on the rustic touch that we want to give to the shelves.

 Shelving with pallets_6

We will continue applying the end to the pallet shelves, paint or varnish them at your wish, later let dry the shelves. If you feel even more inspired, you can use any template to make a pattern, either with flowers or drawings, for doing this step you obviously will need spray paint and stencils, you can do the templates with a paper and a scissors.

 Shelving with pallets_7

And this is the final result of our shelves made of pallets! in this case we have obtained 2 with a single pallet, take a look to varnished wood and the stamped letters, all done with templates.

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