Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step


How about a bookcase made ​​of pallets for our living room or den? Or even if we have a shop it could be interesting for showcasing products. From our Facebook page we have recently received this shelf construction process.

Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step  1

Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step  2

As you can see the design is based on a triangular structure, which uses its smaller side as the base. The fact that the shape is triangular gives more stability to the cabinet, since it is structurally strong and also narrower on the top, having more equilibrium that the traditional ones.

Simply you must join all the elements as we show you in the pictures, you will have to dismount before several pallets to obtain all the necessary planks to build the unit, then sand and clean up them. Perhaps you might not find long wooden planks to build the triangular structure, you must have just to buy some boards at a carpenter store, have in mind that they have to match with the rest of the wood.

Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step  3

Mount each of the shelves with various crossed planks, you can leave spaces between them or put them together, the result will differ in some bigger shelves and a more lightweight feel, the only problem is that then you’ll not be able to put little objects over them…

  Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step  4

Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step  5

Finally you can varnish the furniture with an ocher varnish like it has been done on the pictures, it shall strength the durability of it and also improve its finish, achieving an older style and making it suitable for a more classic decor, just simply decide what you like more.

Another option is to add a drawer at the base of the case, this has many advantages, it not only offers to you a personal and free of dust space, also making a heavier base the furniture will be much more stable, this could be useful if it’s going to be located in a shop, where there’s always a lot of movement and someone can accidentally push it. Below you can see a few pictures with the details of the drawer.

Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step  6

Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step  7

Shelf made ​​with pallets step by step  8

Well I hope you have enjoyed this idea made ​​with pallets with its corresponding construction process, remember that it can be an excellent choice not only for decorating your home, but also to equip a shop properly.

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