Shelves made ​​with fruit boxes


Today I want to propose you another shelves idea, but this time instead of being built ​​with wooden pallets we have built it with fruit boxes. Like the wooden pallets fruit boxes are relatively very easy to get, usually in fruit distribution companies we’ll find them, if not at 0 cost for a very low price, since they are made with low quality wood and normally come from second-handed use. Fruit boxes have a great advantage over wooden pallets, we can be sure that they never have contained potentially harmful products, instead of the wooden pallets we cannot be sure, therefore it is not necessary to clean and sand them as well as if they were pallets.

For building the shelf we’ll need only some whole fruit boxes unmodified, and fix them to a wall one above the other. To fix them it’s better to use mechanical plugs, the same ones that we use to fix pictures to the walls, and if you want to fix them even better you can use too some putty, you must put it inside the hole before putting the plug, this special putty can also be found at any hardware store.

Finally we’ll varnish the shelf to protect it from the dust and the objects and books that we keep inside, you have to remember that when a rough and porous cheap wood such as the one of the fruit boxes and the pallets is dirty, is very difficult to clean it, because the dust and the small particles get into the thousands of wooden pores, so it’s important to varnish it with several layers, yo will thank it later with the pass of time.

Shelves made ​​with fruit boxes

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